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More consumers buying online

Around one in five regular wine drinkers in Australia have bought wine online recently, making online sales more popular than direct purchases from the cellar door for the first time, according to a new report by Wine Intelligence.

The Internet and Social Media Report examined 1006 regular wine drinkers to observe how Australians were finding and buying wine online.

Natasha Rastegar, country manager for Wine Intelligence Australia, said the growing use of the online world for wine in Australia was primarily based on a consumer need for pricing transparency.

“The main reason people shop online for wine is due to the expectation of price discounts and therefore better value for money, meanwhile the main reason people might be searching online for wine information tends to be to check prices,” Rastegar said. 

Developments in consumer technology were influencing how people educated themselves about wine, with one in five wine drinkers searching for wine information on mobiles or tablets, according to the report.

The use of apps for wine information also saw a substantial increase, reaching 17 per cent of consumers, compared to two per cent in 2012.

Rastegar said the research revealed interesting ways to engage consumers online beyond price.

“We see that the main way wine drinkers actively engage with wine on social media for example are to post pictures either enjoying a wine moment or wines they are drinking, or to enter competitions. Furthermore, recommendations on social media can have a particularly strong influence on the wine purchase decisions of younger drinkers,” Rastegar said.

The Australia Internet and Social Media Report used data based on research carried out among 1006 consumers in 2014 and 769 in 2012, selected to represent the make-up of regular wine drinkers across Australia. Regular wine drinkers were defined as adults who drink wine at least once a month.






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