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Flextank releases new design 1kl Maturation Cube in time for harvest

Flextank general manager Peter Steer has announced the release of Flextank’s latest design, barrel-replacing 1,000 litre oxygen permeable wine maturation vessel, called the 'Cube'. Deliveries to winemakers commenced last week, just in time for use during the current vintage. Repeat orders are already being received.

The Flextank maturation vessels are permeable to oxygen and are designed to mimic the oxygen permeability of oak barrels. Used in many Australian wineries now for more than 5 years, this latest design is the most user friendly and versatile yet. “One of the great aspects winemakers are liking is the multiple purposes to which the cube can be used,” Steer said.

“Small lot fermenting, storage of small, awkward volumes like lees and pressings, transport of finished wine to external bottling facilities and of course, the purpose for which they are designed – maturation of wine – where they replace expensive barrels, but don’t wear out”.

This latest design incorporates a heavy duty, ullage free lid, forward positioned lid for easy tipping out of solids and access when stacked, as well as a two-way sloping floor for complete draining. It comes with a robust hot dip galvanised stackable frame, allowing 4-high cellar stacking and a stainless steel butterfly drain valve.

Flextank maturation vessels are consistently showing the ability to produce wines of high-end barrel quality, notably with higher levels of retained volatile aromatics – the vital “fruit” expression that winemakers are desiring.

“All the wine trials that we have seen, in both Australia and overseas, are showing similar results – softer wines through the expected polymerisation of tannins and phenolics, incorporation of oak flavours from high end oak staves (where the winemaker wants this), and brighter, more expressive fruit characters…the varietal ‘typicity’ that is so desired in winemaking. The most recent wine trials with our vessels in Switzerland, with gamay, gamaret and merlot, show Flextank matured wines with “rounder, more fruity and more expressive” aromatics compared with barrel,” Steer said.

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