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Kate Harvey appointed to new AGWA role

Andreas Clark, Australian Grape and Wine Authority's (AGWA) acting chief executive officer, today announced that Kate Harvey has been appointed to a new leadership role.

Harvey said she was excited to commence her new role as general manager of corporate affairs and strategy on 1 January 2015.

 “This new role provides a great opportunity to engage more deeply with our grape and wine community and ensure that our activities are delivering benefit to them,” she said.

Clark said Harvey’s background in research, development management, corporate affairs and strategy would allow her to work across the business to help deliver value for stakeholders.

“We’re very pleased that Kate has agreed to take on this key business-integration role,” he said.

Currently developing a new Strategic Plan, AGWA commenced consultation with the wine community earlier this week with the release of a discussion paper.

Harvey’s current role of general manager of research, development and extension, will be advertised this weekend.

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