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WFA welcomes Government plan to tackle binge drinking

The Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA) has welcomed the Federal Government’s announcement that it is to implement a broad-reaching national strategy to tackle alcohol abuse through targeted intervention programs.

The Government yesterday announced details of a national plan to address the irresponsible drinking culture among young Australians. One of the most significant initiatives of this plan is for an early intervention program for youth drinkers, backed by funding of $19.1 million, in which the Government will be working with parents and families in the community.

“This commitment of real dollars is a very positive move from the Government on this challenging issue,” said WFA CEO Stephen Strachan. “Initiatives that address irresponsible patterns of consumption – specifically binge drinking – and target high-risk groups in the community, such as youth drinkers, have the complete support of the WFA.

“The Australian wine sector is committed to promoting social responsibility around alcohol consumption, and we have publicly undertaken to work with the Australian Government, and non-government organisations, at every opportunity to promote responsible consumption of our product.

“We particularly support initiatives around targeted programs to provide support for parents, and we would welcome further education initiatives around standard drinks and what they mean for drinkers,” continued Mr Strachan.

The Federal Government has set aside $20 million for a high-profile media advertising campaign that will confront young drinkers with the dangers of irresponsible alcohol consumption, and a further commitment of $14.4 million has been made available to invest in community level initiatives to confront the culture of binge drinking particularly in sporting organisations.



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