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Major turnaround for Australia in UK On-Premise

Australian may finally have turned the corner in the UK. After six consecutive years of falling market share, listings of Australian wine on UK wine lists increased by 8% during the last 12 months, according to Wine Business Solutions’ Wine On-Premise UK 2014 report which has just been released. Some of the key findings are that;

-  Australia’s 8% increase in share of listings has been underpinned by a major turnaround in listings of regionally designated wine. Wines designated South Eastern Australia were down 36% on last year.


-  The Barossa has been the most successful Australian region in the UK On-Premise last year.


-  Shiraz, at 11.5% of listings, is now the biggest category of red wine ahead of both Tempranillo (Rioja) and Pinot Noir.


-  Australia faces major new competition, however, from the Languedoc, South Africa and Argentina and is losing share within the Shiraz category.


-  Riesling and aromatic wines more broadly, have made a major comeback (up 30% on last year) presenting producers in classic regions with a major opportunity.


-  The average listed price of a bottle of Australian wine in the UK grew by 6% last year. This, along with improvement in the exchange rate, bodes well for Australia going forward.


Wine On-Premise UK 2014 is designed to be the complete guide to;

-       who the best distributors in the UK are,

-       what the most listed wine brands and styles are,

-       which countries, regions perform best

-       what restaurants charge by the bottle / glass etc. and

-       how much wine business owners can expect to make from On Premise sales.

Copies of the report can be ordered online or contact to be sent a copy with an invoice for $495.

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