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Government response to the review of the Liquor Control Act 1988

The Government response to the review of the Liquor Control Act 1988 has been tabled this week in Parliament.

Larry Jorgensen, Wines of Western Australia chief executive officer, noted the Government’s response is a positive step forward in providing West Australian producers with alternative pathways to market.

"Additionally, WA has a growing reputation as a 'must do' destination for international culinary travelers," he said.

"Tourism Australia’s Restaurant Australia campaign targets this cohort, promising them a unique experience.

"With these amendments in place, WA’s artisan food and wine producers can now more easily deliver on that promise.

"Wines of Western Australia advocated for these amendments after consultation with regional associations and wine producers.

"Essentially, they told us what is important to their regions and businesses and we conveyed this to the review committee. This is an example of the effectiveness of industry collaboration and unity on key issues. ”

All recommendations related to wine producer licences have been considered as issues the Government intends to legislate for as a priority. These issues have strong cross-industry and community support.

The amendments related to wine producers are:

Recommendation 65 — Amend section 55 of the Act to allow wine producers to establish a collective cellar door retail outlet within the same wine region as their production facilities.

Recommendation 66 — Amend section 55 of the Act to allow producers to conduct online and telephone sales from a place other than the licensed premises, provided the delivery of liquor is from the licensed premises or from an approved offsite storage facility.

Recommendation 67 — Amend section 55 of the Act to allow producers to sell liquor other than their own, if sold ancillary to a meal in a designated dining area which forms part of their licensed premises or an area the subject of an extended trading permit or for the purpose of comparative tastings.

Recommendation 68 — Amend regulation 8D(2)(a) of the Regulations to:

a) allow wine producers to attend any farmer’s markets;
b) replace 2.5 litres with 9 litres;

Recommendation 91 — In relation to wine producers licences only, amend the provisions of section 110(3) of the Act to allow patrons to move between two licensed premises, provided the licensee holds both licences.

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