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AAVWS hashtag blows up Twittersphere

The Australian Alternative Variety Wine Show kicked off yesterday in Mildura and will continue through to Sunday. Grapegrower & Winemaker editor Nathan Gogoll is attending the four-day event and has compiled a list of the top 20 tweets from day one (in no particular order):

@AAVWS: The full list of awards up for grabs at this year's #AAVWS http://t.co/AthvJC2GNg don't miss your chance #auswine

@StargazerWine: A patchwork of vineyards as far as the eye can see…#Mildura #AAVWS http://t.co/6d3ZDwFhDw

@OliversTaranga: Mildura. Only here would an entire brewery open just for us for dinner. You are legend #Stefano #aavws… http://t.co/eocbWg579v

@AAVWS: #regram from @chalmerswines #aavws tradition continues at last night'a judges briefing — cup day… http://t.co/F7DX4B6vrI

@mantrawines: The #aavws team doing it for alternative varieties. #mildura http://t.co/TbRgo2zAI8

@sommyslimy: Terra Australis dinner with the beautiful Chalmers family @chalmerswines @aavws #aavws @ The Black… http://t.co/t6jnPpZLfD

@wcompanionmag: Judges at @aavws looking sharrrrrrrrp! #aavws #australianwine http://t.co/4dVxOozbBe

@GandTQueen: #rumbleinthejungle RT @AAVWS: Panel chairs and chief judge all #winewomen #aavws14 @winematters @OliversTaranga @GandTQueen @Bellwetherwine

@OliversTaranga: Having a full on star struck stalker moment. #movida Frank Camorra is in the room @aavws #aavws14… http://t.co/BUoRBLUYmR

@WayWoodWines: Wild & alternative … #AAVWS14 love this show… http://t.co/uAyZU1AwAc

@Bellwetherwine: @OliversTaranga @AAVWS thanks Corrina, I love Mildura but Prefer the local hospitality over the hospital

@bartvanolphen: Getting ready for a big week @chalmerswines # bucketwine #AAVWS14 so exited.

@AAVWS: This guy. #aavws14 international judge and speaker at #talkandtaste Friday 7 November — don't miss!… http://t.co/dzqbR76j5I

@AAVWS: #sangiovese class #aavws14 @chalmerswines #mildura http://t.co/tFZfD6TjXQ

@Grape_and_Wine: Temporary office on my @AAVWS roadtrip. I'm in Renmark. #AAVWSVIPMedia http://t.co/mM7ca4ttXR

@wcompanionmag: Sprung! @sommyslimy @DanSims tasting whilst the judges work @aavws http://t.co/xUDKeWPaq5

@NathanGogoll: Roadtrip. Left #Barossa before 8am, headed for Mildura & @AAVWS not sure if I've seen more wineries or dead kangaroos so far. #AAVWSVIPMedia

@billybuttonwine: I should be going to bed early tonite coz I've got a 7 hr roadtrip to Mildura tomoz 4 — so what do I do? Pour another glass of wine

@vinodiversity: Who is going to this weekend? I love to meet twitter friends for an offline chat.

@somesomm: aavws …..attend the best parts of one of Australia's most fun…

Day two of the event includes trophy judging, a tour of Chalmers' Italian variety vineyard, 'Talk and Taste', and the AAVWS judges dinner later tonight.

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