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Building the future of the Margaret River Wine Region Festival

The Margaret River Wine Industry Association (MRWIA) is pleased to announce that it has signed a series of sponsorship agreements for the 2008 Margaret River Wine Region Festival totaling over $350,000.

Following the footsteps of the Augusta Margaret River Shire this week the Association has signed the West Australian newspaper, Southern Cross Broadcasting (96fm, 6ix and 6pr), Augusta Margaret River Tourism Association, Augusta Margaret River Times and Busselton Dunsborough Times, Rapids Landing, Geographe Bay Tourism Association and Quest Serviced Apartments as the leading 2008 sponsors.

Peter Wood, MRWIA President,” welcomed the participation of all sponsors, some of whom had signed for 3 years until 2010, and said that it was a clear sign to all in the region that the Festival would proceed annually and will soon become one of the biggest events within the South West, with an estimated economic impact of $2m in 2008. As I have already stated if the Barossa in South Australia can build a world class wine event with 50,000 people attending then Margaret River as a large wine region covering two of the most idyllic Shires in Australia we can too.”

The Margaret River wine region stretches from Dunsborough to Augusta covering the entire Cape to Cape area and follows the ‘Gladstones’ line at 115 degrees 18 minutes longitude. The wine region also known as Geographic Indicator or appellation is enshrined in Federal legislation.

This year the Festival would focus on the Perth and greater South West market which has been greatly assisted by securing sponsorship in excess of $242,000 from key media outlets such as the West Australian, the South West Times and Southern Cross Broadcasting (96fm, 6pr and 6ix). “This is the ideal platform to engage the Perth market and immediately secure the short term for the Wine Festival’’, said Mr Wood. 250,000 copies of the official Festival program will be distributed in the West Australian making it one of the largest single destination promotional projects in the South West, reinforcing the Margaret River Wine Region as a vibrant premium food and wine destination in one of our key markets — Perth.”

In the coming years the Wine Festival plans to engage visitors from the Eastern States and overseas and will concentrate on building upon the many strengths the region has to offer. Along with a wide variety of artisans, wine, tourism, food producers and other service providers, a unique natural environment and a relaxing lifestyle are key reasons for visitors coming to the region.

“Creating an event the scale of that produced in the Barossa is a multi-stage process and the upcoming Festival is planned to be a brilliant introduction to this. Rebuilding the Margaret River Wine Region Festival is not something that can happen overnight, it requires a lot of hard work from everyone. The Wine Festival is an event that all key regional stakeholders will have an equal say in as the many benefits that accrue will be shared by those who are lucky enough to live and work Cape to Cape and not just in any one particular Shire”, Peter Wood said.

“All of the sponsors wish to be associated with the Margaret River wine region brand as it is clearly recognised around the world. The Wine Festival is so unique that is has the ability to unite the entire region in producing a world class destinational marketing event by harnessing this market force of the Margaret River wine region brand,” said Mr Wood.

2008 Margaret River Wine Region Festival Sponsors are:

• West Australian Newspaper *

• Southern Cross Broadcasting – 96fm, 6ix and 6pr

• Shire of Augusta Margaret River

• Augusta Margaret River Tourism Association

• Augusta Margaret River Times & Busselton Dunsborough River Times *

• Office of Road Safety

• Radiowest and Hot fm

• Geographe Bay Tourism Association

• Rapids Landing *

• Quest

* = 3 year sponsor to 2010

Negotiations are continuing with other sponsors who see the Wine Festival and other events already commenced by the Association such as the Margaret River Regional Wine Show as platforms to engage the market and bring visitors and tourists alike to the region.

Those wishing to discuss partnership arrangements for 2008 or beyond should contact the Association.

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