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Heathcote Winegrowers partners with Neighbourhood house to prevent phylloxera outbreak

Heathcote Winegrowers are standing together to keep phylloxera out of the Heathcote GI with a new partnership with the local Neighbourhood house.

McIvor Neighbourhood House in Heathcote will be providing a veting and disinfecting service for the harvest this year.

Working with the DPI worksafe and the National Harvest Office McIvor Neighbourhood House have organised a vetting service to ensure that all pickers are clean safe and legal.

The Neighbourhood house is about supporting the community and the wine industry is a large part of our community ensuring its long term viability is essential to the future prosperity of Heathcote.

Volunteers will work in the Harvest office for the duration of this years’ harvest.

The Harvest Office opens Friday, 29 February. This year, harvest is looking great with a good quantity of quality grapes in all sectors of the region.

For more information contact Clare de Kok at ">c Or +61 3 5431 0973.

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