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$10 million of annual savings identified in SAWIA’s Lean manufacturing pilot trial

More than $10 million of potential annual savings have been identified in the South Australian Wine Industry Association's (SAWIA) pilot trial for implementing Lean manufacturing principles in 11 SA-based wineries.

The savings for each business ranged from $21,000 to $5 million per annum, with the level of savings varying based on the size and structure of each winery.  

According to SAWIA, in addition to the substantial potential savings, Phase 1 of the pilot project has also shown that the lack of expertise and experience with Lean manufacturing in the SA wine industry can be overcome with the right tools and support.

The organisation is now seeking funding to proceed with Phase 2 of the project, which will mentor the 11 wineries to successfully implement the savings opportunities that were identified.

SAWIA’s pilot project used the new LEAN Guide: A primer on lean production for the Australian wine industry recently developed by the Australian Grape and Wine Authority (AGWA).

Phase 1 of the project, funded by Zero Waste SA, involved an information session, followed by an on-site assessment of opportunities for the participating wineries.

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