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Latest issue of the Wine & Viticulture Journal out now!

Winery innovations and technology, particularly those suited to small and medium size enterprise wineries, are the focus of the just-released September-October issue of the Wine & Viticulture Journal.

Regular contributor Cathy Howard gets the ball rolling by responding to a reader’s request for advice on how to design and undertake experiments in a small to medium winery and how to get the most out of winery trials to assist producers in evolving their winemaking practices to incorporate new techniques or products. In addition, editor Sonya Logan talks with Domaine Chandon’s operational winemaker Adam Keath about the simple yet effective technology advances that have been implemented in the winery recently to produce significant savings in energy. Then there’s a Product Showcase for SME Wineries in which wine industry suppliers present products of particular interest to operations of this size.

The September-October issue of the Journal also includes the results of research by Richard Fennessy, from the Department of Agriculture & Food, Western Australia, into the influence of climate and variety on the effectiveness of cold maceration prior to fermentation, while the Australian Wine Research Institute summarises research under way to enable winemakers to stay a step ahead of Brett.

In viticulture, consultant Richard Smart voices his concern about the role that mechanical pruning may be playing in contributing to trunk disease infections, while regular contributor and consultant Tony Hoare, inspired by a passionate discussion at the recent ASVO seminar in Mildura regarding the value of older vineyards versus young vineyards, draws on his own experiences to compare whether vine age or vine balance is best for quality.

In Business & Marketing, New Zealand researchers report on their efforts to link types of brand names with consumer attitudes and purchase intensions, while UK-based advertising and marketing expert Jonathan Cahill talks about how the wine industry, like no other, has a rich heartland of stories that can stir up people’s emotions to encourage them to buy their products, yet few wineries exploit them. And Renee Creer, from Liquid Ideas, talks about how to avoid and manage social media when it goes bad.

The issue also features the results of the Journal’s recent tasting of Australian Fume Blancs.

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