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Australian Shiraz Viognier – 10 years on

Australian Shiraz Viogniers will take centre stage for the Wine & Viticulture Journal’s next tasting – 10 years since the publication last tasted the blend.

In prefacing the results of the Journal’s last Shiraz Viognier tasting, wine writer Nick Bulleid described the blend as “the newest wine style to hit the market”.

“Shiraz Viognier is the latest craze – a ‘winemaker’s wine’, just like Pinot Noir/Chardonnay sparkling wines around 1980 and botrytised sweet wines a few years later. It seems everyone has to have a go,” Bulleid wrote.

Bulleid also noted that many Shiraz Viogniers had been successful in Australia, singling out Clonakilla, d’Arenberg, Yering Station and Yalumba among the leading producers. But, he added that some ‘me toos’ were also out there with many “created from ordinary Shiraz in the faint hope that it will be transformed into something splendid”.

So, what of this blend now? How many Australian producers actually declare their Shiraz Viogniers contain Viognier given local labelling laws don’t require they do so unless it makes up more than 15% of the blend? Has any particular region in Australia taken ownership of the blend? And, who’s making it best?

To help answer these questions, entries are now invited for the Journal’s Shiraz Viognier tasting.

To enter, email editor Sonya Logan () in the first instance by no later than next Tuesday (21 October).

All wines submitted for the tasting will need to be received by no later than Tuesday 28 October.

The results of the tasting will be published in the November-December issue of the Wine & Viticulture Journal.

Meanwhile, the results of the Journal’s recent tasting of Australian Fume Blancs are published in the just-released September-October issue. To subscribe visit www.winebiz.com.au/wvj/subscribe/





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