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Buying habits of consumers unlocked

There's plenty of information to read on a wine bottle but so few take the time, prompting one winemaker to produce a label that speaks for itself, according to wine writer Tony Love.

In the spur of the moment you grab it. The bottle with the bright colours and wild typeface is the one that grabs your attention faster than the dozens of boring labels vying for attention in a shop stocking thousands.

You recognise the brand. The grape variety is your favourite. It's the price you want to pay. You've heard of the region.

In the precious little time you spend shopping for wine, that's all you really need to know. You and most other wine buyers, according to extensive research into our wine-buying habits.

We spend on average six minutes in a liquor store at any one time. Four of those are spent wandering around having a look, and just 40 seconds at the shelf, selecting and pulling out the bottle we want.

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