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Al Gore congratulates world wine sector at Barcelona conference

Al Gore, Nobel Prize laureate and former Vice president of the USA, congratulated the world wine sector for being so progressive in confronting the climate change crisis at the two-day World Wine and Global Warming Conference which finished Saturday 16 February 2008 in Barcelona.

Organized by the Spanish Wine Academy, the conference attracted over 300 delegates from 35 countries. Australia was well represented on the speakers’ panel with keynote addresses being given by Dr Richard Smart, viticulture consultant to Tamar Ridge Wines in Tasmania, Tony Sharley of Hardy’s Banrock Station, and Peter Hayes, currently OIV President.

Al Gore spoke to the conference by video link from his US location in what was a very special occasion for conference delegates. He praised the Conference organizers, speakers and audience for being so pro-active in discussing these issues, which model he said he hoped the world oil, coal and auto industries might follow.

Speakers to the conference from France, Australia, USA, Germany, Spain and England were independently unanimous in warning the world wine sector of the threat posed by ignoring climate change. Many said that this was the greatest threat ever faced by the wine sector, and only pre-emptive strategic planning would allow wine regions to survive with minimal disruption.

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