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The company of wine peopleTM makes strides into the Russian market

With a population of 145 million people, and stable economic growth, Russia is considered one of the faster-growing wine markets. The company of wine peopleTM has always been determined to enter this strategically important market, despite its complicated export procedures which can make market entry difficult. It has however overcome these obstacles to successfully enter this priority market, with the arrival of its first consignment of Arniston Bay and Kumkani wines in Russia.

The growing demand for New World wines in Russia, especially in lucrative centres such as Moscow and St Petersburg, coupled with the appreciation for Western culture and a desire to emulate this lifestyle, means there is an increasing demand for quality South African wine in Russia.

The company of wine peopleTM, one of South Africa's top wine producers and exporters, has joined efforts with the newly established distribution company, Group Trinity. The Russian-based company was founded in 2005 as part of a larger holding and its operation includes the distribution of leading New and Old World wine brands. Its focus is mainly on the retail channels.

Business development manager, Mark Lester, says early indications are that Arniston Bay and Kumkani wines have a promising future in the Russian market. “Traditionally, Russian palates have leant towards European-styled wines as a result of historic influences on consumption patterns. However as the footprint widens for Russian businessmen and leisure travelers to countries beyond European shores, increased exposure to New World wine producing countries and their wines are bound to have an influence on their buying decisions back home. Simultaneously, the current growth in the number of New World brands appearing on local shelves in Russia along with improved access to disposable income will further contribute to interest creation and increased demand for these wines.”

Arniston Bay, a wine which derives its name from the tranquil fishing village Arniston on the southern coast of Africa, is synonymous with a laid-back lifestyle and leisure time.

Kumkani, which means ‘king’ in Xhosa, is a wine of exceptional character and reflects both confidence and pride in winemaking. A diverse variety of wine from these award-winning brands will be sold at major retailers in Russia.

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