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Memstar offers an answer for salt - the silent problem

Trials of a new electrodialysis technique introduced recently by wine membrane technology specialist, Memstar, have shown significant success in reducing wine salt levels.

The ongoing widespread drought has reduced the quantity and quality of water available to vines. As a result, some Australian winegrowing regions have experienced an accumulation of salt in their soils and, eventually, in their wines. These excess levels of chloride, measured as sodium chloride, have been developing as a silent problem, putting at risk the marketability of many Australian wines. In extreme cases, fruit is dulled; saltiness is evident on the palate and analyses approach prohibited levels. The new technique is an adaptation by Memstar of the electrodialysis process developed by French company, Eurodia and used successfuly for tartrate stabilisation and pH adjustment.

For more information visit Memstar's website www.memstar.com.au

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