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Alternative solution for Europe distribution

International wine producers wanting to increase their sales in Europe will be happy to know that they have an alternative solution for the distribution of their marketing and promotional samples. Samples4europe offers producers a single point of entry into the European market no matter where or to whom they are sending samples.

Samples4europe was established in response to demands from international wine producers for a more reliable, easy-to-use and cost effective solution for the delivery of wine samples to trade customers, trade shows and competitions throughout the European Union (EU), Scandinavia and Russia.

The company takes care of everything from shipping to Europe, customs clearing, EU and local taxes, warehousing, picking & packing of individual bottles and finally, delivery.

Aimed at wine producers that wish to increase sales of their wines in Europe, Samples4europe offers a cost effective solution which helps them serve more customers with optimum efficiency and reliability.

For more information visit www.samples4europe.dk

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