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Rutherglen winery leads the pack with world-first innovation

All Saints Estate is proud to announce the release of their new look fortified range, utilising the revolutionary Vino-Lok closure, a decorative glass stopper with a special sealing and a tamper-proof aluminium cap.

Not only are All Saints the first Victorian wine producer to use the glass stopper, they are also the first Australian winery to commercially release Vino-Lok on sophisticated slimline 375ml bottles, and the first producer in the world to use the system to bottle fortified wines.

A silver metallic label completes a classy package fit to hold Australia’s unique contribution to the world of fine wine. Rutherglen Muscats and Tokays are revered for being some of the finest of their kind on the planet. The sleek, modern packaging is designed to attract a new generation of consumers to a product segment often considered traditional and outdated.

“There’s no doubt fortified wines have suffered from an image problem” says All Saints CEO, Eliza Brown. “Everyday we see people of all ages, men and women, blown away by our fortified wines at cellar door. This hasn’t translated to retail sales in the capital cities because consumers don’t always see where this beverage fits into their lifestyle.”

“We’re here to tell them that these decadent wines are ready to be discovered by every food and wine lover and take their place in restaurants, bars and retail shelves across Australia.”

Rich and luscious, a bottle of premium Muscat makes a wonderful gift for foodies and provides the ultimate end to a special meal, whether dining in or out. A recent renaissance in ‘stickies’ has fuelled consumer interest in desert-style wines and restaurants are realising just how much that extra pour can add to the bill. “The fact that they can reuse the stylish Vino-Lok bottle is another bonus with our product.” says Brown.

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