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French Agriculture Minister praises stave mill of Tonnellerie Quintessence during visit

Pleased with the stave mill’s traceability management and ongoing sustainability efforts in wood sourcing, French Agriculture Minister Michel Barnier visited Merrain International, the PEFC certified stave mill of Tonnellerie Quintessence, on 18 January, 2008. Stave mill highlights for the minister, who also toured other Vosges countryside enterprises, included impressive productivity, a quality work force who is well-trained and a perfect blend of technology and human knowledge.

The Minister’s mission is to development interest for France’s rural companies in the European market. A new program will invest 37M€ to emphasize rural development and improve sales throughout Europe. He wants to prevent an only mass supermarket approach and argues that different approaches can be complementary. Discussion also occurred on PAC, known as Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in English.

On the same day, the Minister visited Bois-Menu forestry and Vittel water. After the visit to Merrain International he traveled to Fromagerie l’Ermitage, a local and very successful cheese producer. Similar to Merrain International, these companies were selected because they are successful, dynamic organizations with growing foreign relations.

The stave mill is a sister company of Tonnellerie Quintessence, which is situated in the heart of Bordeaux’s wine growing region. The cooperage offers winemakers the quintessential French wine barrel that intertwines the cherished, centuries-old French coopering traditions with modern technology. The prestigious brand is available through Cooperages1912 Australia.

For more information visit www.tonnelleriequintessence.com/barnier.html

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