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Perricoota vintage update

With the dry conditions persisting through September and October, above average rainfall in November has been a welcome relief for all growers in the Perricoota region, writes Perricoota Grape Growers Association president, Michael Gray.

The cropping levels for the 2008 vintage are better than expected, and most growers who have applied water early in the season are expecting normal yields. Water continues to be a major issue for Perricoota, and with no allocation (other than the recredit of 65% of the water suspended last year), growers have had to make the tough decision whether to buy water at over $1000/meg. Those growers that have purchased water have been rewarded, with vines responding positively to their improved environmental conditions. Hot weather over the last couple of weeks has had minimal impact, due to good canopy cover in most vineyards.

With the beginning of vintage now just around the corner (a couple of weeks), everything looks set to produce high quality wine in 2008.

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