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New Year growth with Australian Viticulture

Start the New Year on the right path to achieving optimum quality in your vineyard by reading through the timely and practical information that will feature in the January/February issue of Australia’s only viticulture-focused journal, Australian Viticulture.

In this issue we present new feature topics including the increasingly valuable practice of biodynamics. Biodynamics enthusiast Max Allen is a major contributor to this feature and takes a business perspective on the why growers and winemakers are adopting the practice of biodynamics. Mark Smith reports from a recent biodynamics workshop held in Tasmania and we give practical know-how for gaining certification in this sector.

The issue of water resources is on all of our minds as we head towards Vintage 2008 and once again, Australian Viticulture offers practical tips for managing water while still achieving quality grapes.

Safety in the vineyard is of utmost importance and for the first time, we look at Occupational Health and Safety including the latest report from the Australian Wine Research Institute about minimising smoke taint damage in grapes.

In this issue’s Varietal Report we look at the “bridesmaid” of red grape varieties, Malbec, as touted by Bremerton’s vineyard manager Tom Keelan. The reports by some of Australia’s leading growers indicate Malbec deserves more positive attention in future vintages.

In The United Grower, the WGGA presents the latest news about the industry Code of Conduct, recently agreed to with the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia.

For further information about Australian Viticulture or to secure your copy of the January/February issue featuring other vital areas of viticulture management including mid-row management, Eutypa awareness and preventing damage caused by blackbirds and starlings, visit www.winebiz.com.au/ausvit/ or telephone Winetitles on +618 8292 0888.

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