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Oatley family roll out wine investments

One of regional Australia’s most successful business families – the Oatleys, mark their first year in the business of selling Oatley wines; with a 10 million dollar upgrade to their winemaking capabilities in Mudgee, New South Wales.

A brand new state-of-the-art bottling line, purpose-built bottling and storage building, and new winemaking facilities; have been installed at the family’s Montrose winery, where the family produce their award winning Wild Oats and Robert Oatley wine brands.

The upgrades mark the Oatley’s latest commitment to the region’s winemaking industry; and the Mudgee Montrose winery, which employs more than 40 local workers over the peak period of vintage. In witnessing the first bottles of Wild Oats wine roll off the new bottling line this month, proud founder Bob Oatley said; “It’s been a terrific year for our wine business.”

“We now have an outstanding winery here at Montrose, with state of the art winemaking facilities; extensive vineyard holdings across the region showing enormous potential; we’ve consolidated the Craigmoor Cellar Door facility, where sales are booming and visitor levels growing; and established a successful restaurant: Wild Oats Café.”

“The sales team now covers the eastern seaboard and have achieved amazing results; and support for our new brands in today’s crowded market place, has been remarkable,” he said.

Sandy Oatley, Oatley Wines Executive Chairman said the impressive 4000 square metre building which houses the bottling and packaging line was vital in delivering quality control across the whole winemaking process, providing the packaged wine storage in a temperature controlled environment.

“The high speed automated bottling and packaging line was developed and produced in Italy by a group of the world’s best bottling engineers, and will give us great control over the quality and presentation of our wines,” he said.

“It will allow us to bottle wine in the gentlest possible manner to preserve maximum quality, and the labelling and packaging equipment will give near perfect application, especially necessary for the contemporary transparent labels for the Wild Oats range.”

The bottling line will compliment the winemaking team’s new installation: a set of specialist small batch processing fermenters and traditional basket press which have been installed in time for the forthcoming 2008 vintage, to begin immediately following Australia Day.

“These facilities will allow our winemakers the opportunity to experiment more and produce some outstanding specialist parcels that along with a major vineyard redevelopment will spearhead our push for continual improvement in the quality of our Mudgee wines,” said Sandy Oatley.

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