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SA Regional Branding Project update

The South Australian Regional Branding Project is in its third and final stage. Established by the South Australian Wine Industry Association (SAWIA) to assist regional associations characterise and promote the unique features of their region, the Association is now collating an online asset management library enabling regions, wineries, Government departments, and sales and marketing offices in Australia and overseas to access images and templates for promotional materials.

The Regional Branding Project has been undertaken with funding support from the South Australian Government through the Department of Trade and Economic Development and has three stages:

• assisting regions to develop and clearly differentiate their own marketable identity

• taking ‘hero’ images that captured the regional identity and ‘essence’

• developing high quality promotional materials that reinforced the regional brands and could be used by all relevant stakeholders.

A final component of the materials has been the development of a topographical map that depicts the regions of SA showing the proximity of regions to each other, to coasts, rivers, ranges and geographical features.

“The project provides a unique opportunity for SA to build recognition and reputation in the higher margin/higher price point segments so important to regional winemakers,” SAWIA marketing and NWETC officer Marcia Burnett said.

“The asset management library will facilitate access to these materials by a road range of stakeholders at home and abroad, providing cost effective, professional and consistent marketing collateral. Regional character and the image of ‘origin’ can be of significant benefit to a wine’s own proprietary brand image.

“It is an absolute necessity, for success is the whole hearted commitment of all stakeholders to the regional brands, an agreed plan for the way forward and the resources to make it happen. The program will leave a lasting legacy on the SA regional branding framework”.

Once the project is completed, the SAWIA will continue to meet with the regional associations on a regular basis and will manage the asset library and work with the individual regions to fulfill their specific promotional needs.

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