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Scandinavian wine consumers change drinking habits, according to Wine Intelligence

Scandinavian wine markets are continuing to see growth in both value and volume, but tastes are changing according to new research from Wine Intelligence.

In Sweden, Italian wines have leapfrogged Spanish and French wines to become the most popular choices with regular wine drinkers, according to Wine Intelligence’s new Nordics Landscape report.

Italian wines already top the chart in Norway and Finland. Italy is the only top five country of origin to increase its popularity in the past two years.

In all three markets, consumers say they are drinking more sparkling wine, which is mainly due to a marked increase in Prosecco consumption.

The proportion of people drinking Prosecco has risen 45 per cent in Finland, 70 per cent in Norway and 54 per cent in Sweden since 2011.

Swedish consumers are developing a taste for rosé wines, with nearly six in 10 reporting drinking them compared to fewer than half of drinkers two years ago.

Across the region Sauvignon Blanc is becoming increasingly popular with consumers and in all three markets is closing the gap on Chardonnay, which has experienced a decline in its fortunes in Norway and Sweden.

Wine Intelligence does not anticipate any downturn in wine sales in the Nordic region but warns growth should not be taken for granted by the wine industry.

“Norwegians may be drinking more wine, but they seem less adventurous in their choices and more unsure of their wine knowledge than they used to be," chief operating officer Richard Halstead said.

“The Swedes are also less confident about their wine know-how, and in many cases are also finding wine more expensive.

“Perhaps the biggest concern, however, is that the Finns are becoming less involved with the wine category and aren’t attaching as much importance to wine drinking as they were two years ago.

"The industry needs to engage and enthuse drinkers in Finland – and indeed across the Nordic region – to maximise growth as economic conditions improve".

Report details:

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