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Long Gully Estate celebrates its 25th anniversary

Long Gully Estate, located just outside Healesville towards Yarra Glen in the Yarra Valley, is celebrating its 25th anniversary of grapegrowing and winemaking.

In accordance with Long Gully’s 25th anniversary, they have undergone a major restructuring. Prior to 2004, Long Gully primarily produced only one quality range, however to remain competitive, their range of products was expanded to include clean skins, a premium range and now a super premium range known as their signature series’; produced in limited quantities and only when exceptional and well above average fruit is available, making the signature series range the Long Gully ‘flagship’.

Each wine in the signature series range has been named after some part of the property’s previous agricultural history and each bottle holds the proud signature of the winemaker, Luke Houlihan. To date, the signature series includes a 2004 Cattleyard Cabernet, 2004 Reserve Merlot and 2006 Gully Chardonnay and Blackberry Hill Pinot Noir of which only around 200 dozen of each variety is produced annually.

Long Gully is one of the few family owned and run vineyards left in the Yarra Valley. The high costs associated with boutique winemaking has left the industry wanting for small producers as they are systematically gobbled up by the dominating multinationals. Long Gully is hopeful that their new signature series range will help re-establish them as one of the Yarra Valley’s truly boutique producers with lower annual quantities produced traded for a higher quality end product.

Long Gully is looking towards the quality end of the market rather than quantity while still remaining ‘value for money’. It is the end consumer which will benefit by the fact that Long Gully is the grapegrower, winemaker and distributor of their products.

Long Gully wines are available via boutique bottle shops, restaurants and of course their own cellar door. Open 7 days from 11am — 5pm.

Long Gully now exports to Switzerland, the UK and Asia including Vietnam and Singapore.

To date Long Gully Estate’s 07 Riesling has won the following awards:

1. 2007 Victorian Wines Show — Class 2. Gold 55.5 points 2. 8th International Riesling Challenge. Class S1 Gold 55.5 points and Top Ten Australian Riesling 3. 2008 Sydney International Wine Competition. Blue-Gold Top 100 Award 4. 2007 Cowra Wine Show. Class 40. Top Gold 56 points.

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