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Accent Wine Packaging continues to grow

When Peter Hooper experienced a declining market for his audio furniture for the hi-fi trade in the 1990s, he saw a future in manufacturing wooden boxes for the thriving wine industry.

Eight years later, Accent Wine Packaging has become the largest dedicated wooden wine packaging business in South Australia.

It employs 20 people and has been growing by 30% annually in the past five years. It has clients across Australia, with many preferring wooden cases for their premium wines.

Accent’s products range from single-bottle cases to 24-bottle cases.

“The reason why people use the wooden box is to create the point of difference for the tens of thousands of bottle labels,” Hooper said.

He credits his firm’s production-line manufacturing system as a major reason behind its success.

“Under our old system it took us three days to make the first product and if we made a mistake it took three days to find out,” he said.

Hooper said the business was very manual, with everything customised and boxes firebranded, screen printed or laser engraved.

“Modernising our manufacturing system with the help of the SA Centre of Innovation has enabled us to reduce our stockholding and improve the layout of our factory.

“The new system has been phenomenal in our growth and capacity to bring more products on line,” Hooper said.

Accent was the first dedicated wooden carton wine packaging firm in Australia to gain International Global Certification allowing global movement for boxes and cases.

The Advertiser, Saturday 17 November 2007.

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