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Hardy Wine Company strengthened through winery consolidation

The Hardy Wine Company has announced a strategic review of all operations to strengthen long term business sustainability.

Hardy Wine Company President John Grant said that the review had been instigated as a consequence of an increasingly changing global market place.

As a result of this strategic review, Grant advised that there would be a restructure of the company’s wineries in River Murray inland regions, with the operations of the Berri Estates winery being expanded and enhanced.

“We have a strong commitment to ongoing implementation of world’s best practice in all areas of site operations at Berri Estates, Australia’s largest winery, including efficiencies in primary and secondary use of water”, he said.

“As part of our review we identified that our fruit processing capacity in River Murray inland regions was no longer aligned to the company’s long term strategic requirements. Consequently, we will be consolidating our operations at the Berri Estates winery and scaling back our Buronga winery.

“During the 2008 vintage all winemaking will be undertaken at Berri Estates and from May 2008 the packaging facilities will also be relocated to the Berri Estates winery.

“Our Buronga winery will continue to operate as a grape processing facility and we will also retain viticultural staff to service local grape growers”, Grant said.

“With the consolidation of activities at the Berri Estates winery, our requirements at our Buronga winery will be reduced, including staffing. We are working closely with all our staff to ensure a smooth transition ahead of the changes next year.

“The popular Stanley wines will still be available and we will continue to source fruit from our growers in the region in accordance with our existing contracts.”

Grant said the future of the Australian wine sector was looking positive, particularly at the premium end.

“With an unrivalled, award winning regional wine portfolio, the Hardy Wine Company is well positioned to maximise opportunities going forward”, he said.

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