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Canadian e-commerce innovator takes Australian wine industry to cloud nine

In the past three years, Canada-based BlackSquare Inc. has become a trusted thought leader in best practices for direct-to-consumer (DTC) wine e-commerce, has established itself as a top innovator for the global wine and spirits industry and has deployed its Blackboxx wine e-commerce platform to wineries, wine clubs and retailers on four continents.

In early 2012, BlackSquare began revolutionising Australian DTC wine e-commerce by launching its Blackboxx SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) cloud computing platform in South Australia.

Leading Australian wineries including McWilliam’s Wine Group, De Bortoli Wines, Howard Vineyards and Angove Family Winemakers have since adopted Blackboxx to power their wine e-commerce, boost their sales and deepen their brand value, while also future-proofing their technology to evolving consumer habits.

“Online commerce and multi-channel retailing are changing the way wine is sold," BlackSquare president David Gluzman said.

"Blackboxx is helping revolutionise the Australian wine industry by providing wineries with vital innovation to stimulate their domestic sales.

“BlackSquare is committed to the Australian wine industry, we see potential for it becoming one of the world’s most important wine e-commerce markets."

March 2013 was a milestone in Blackboxx’s Australian momentum when 136-year-old McWilliam’s Wine Group became the first global wine company to adopt a SaaS e-commerce solution.

McWilliams turned to Blackboxx as a unique offering to help build their brand and drive sales through all market channels.

On 20 November, following the Blackboxx-powered redesign, McWilliams Wines Group won the title of 2013 best wine website or wine app at the Wine Communicator of Australia awards.

"Although the global wine industry lags in both e-commerce innovation and adoption of cloud computing, leading Australian winemakers are fully embracing Blackboxx and paving the way for a bit of a revolution – to the benefit of wineries and consumers alike," Gluzman added.

Traditionally, wineries wanting to engage in e-commerce paid high capital costs for basic capability which suffered complex usage and significant ongoing costs.

This is why standard e-commerce has all but doomed wine e-commerce, failing in both return on investment and on user experience.

With cloud computing and SaaS-based e-commerce such as Blackboxx, upfront costs are modest, ongoing costs are low, and fees are only incurred in lockstep with e-commerce success, thus aligning the interests of the winery and the e-commerce platform supplier.

This combination of a custom-built platform and direct-to-consumer best practices is unique, delivering the most powerful e-commerce platform available to wineries today.

Full story in the January 2014 issue of Grapegrower & Winemaker.

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