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The French invade ASA Winery Supplies

It’s official. ASA Winery Supplies is now sole distributor for French wine chemical company ‘Oenofrance’ in Australia. Started in 1943 and currently based in Bordeaux, Oenofrance is the name more Australian wineries trust to deliver quality wine chemicals that consistently and efficiently do their job and make winemaking easier.

The huge range of Oenofrance products, includes: all ‘Levuline’ yeast strains, including ALS, C19 and BRG, ‘Genesis Lift’ and ‘Genesis Fresh’ yeast nutrients, ‘FML Expertise C, R and S’ bacteria and ‘Highzyme’ enzyme. ASA Winery Supplies is delighted with the new partnership. Martin Verryt, Sales Manager for ASA Winery Supplies, said: “Oenofrance is a very well respected company that is continually making advances and breakthroughs within the field of wine chemical production. The new relationship stamps ASA Winery Supplies as a ‘one stop shop’ for quality wine chemicals”.

Adding to their strength in the industry, ASA Winery Supplies is also the sole distributor for three other respected French companies: ‘Martin Vialatte OEnologie’, ‘Tonnellerie Vernou’ and ‘Station Oenotechnique de Champagne’.

For nearly 80 years, Martin Vialatte OEnologie has been a world leader in the development, production and distribution of innovative oenological products. This is typified with the recent release of ‘Vitilevure Quartz’, an exciting new ‘rescue yeast’ that dramatically assists sparkling or table wine production. With a great resilience to high fructose and high alcohol environments, Vitilevure Quartz guarantees strong alcoholic fermentation in difficult or stuck conditions.

ASA Winery Supplies represents Tonnellerie Vernou in Australia. A family business founded in 1964 by Jean Vernou, master cooper, Tonnellerie Vernou is located in the Cognac region, the birthplace of French Cooperage. Tonnellerie Vernou manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of traditional Oak and wine products: from the 225 L barrel up to the 50 HL cask, as well as alternative Oak products, including: chips, powder and tank staves.

‘Station Oenotechnique de Champagne’ is a world leader in the development of products that are specifically used for sparkling wine production. Based in Champagne for more than 100 years, they are at the forefront of sparkling wine, specific yeasts, tannins and riddling adjuvants.

ASA Winery Supplies is a division of Anthony Smith Australasia (ASA). For over 30 years, ASA has contributed strongly to the booming Australian wine industry as a leading manufacturer and supplier of synthetic closures, natural cork, screwcaps, capsules and hoods to the global wine market.

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