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Have your wine and eat it too

Cocoa Farm, created by Farm by Nature, is the latest innovation in premium chocolate and has just developed a world first for Australia – vintage wine chocolate.

Their new Vintage Wine Chocolate combines the taste sensation of a rich blend of milk and dark chocolate together with the luxury palate pleasure of 100% Australian red wine.

The current crop of Cocoa Farm’s Vintage Wine Chocolate range includes Merlot, Shiraz, and Pinot Noir with more varietals planned for future release.

At Cocoa Farm, the philosophy is a simple one, a belief that nature is the greatest processing plant of all. Foods that come direct from nature are balanced and nutritious, and the less we mess around with them, the better they will be for us. They follow thorough with this philosophy when making Vintage Wine Chocolate.

Take sun ripened grapes that have been infused with a Merlot, Shiraz, or Pinot Noir wine, and blend them with a delicious combination of milk and dark chocolate. Add more grape skin extracts and finely ground grape kernels to capture the wholesome goodness of the Australian grape. Seal it carefully in a gold foil to keep in all the fresh flavour.

And the good news is, each 100gram block of Vintage Wine Chocolate contains Vinlife, a natural antioxidant from Australian grapes that is the equivalent of a standard glass of red wine*, so Vintage Wine Chocolate comes with proven positive health benefits.

The new Vintage Chocolate Range is available through Dan Murphy’s, 1st Choice, Vintage Cellars, all good bottle shops and specialized food stores nationwide.

For further information visit www.coolhealth.com.au

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