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Winemetrics' Virtual Brand Manager shatters wine marketing myths

The most elusive information in the wine industry is now available for the first time on-demand. Now, with just the click of a mouse, Winemetrics Virtual Brand Manager gives wine marketers and brand managers a snapshot view of how well a brand is performing in a specific market that year, and the performance of competing on-premise brands. "This insight into wine distribution trends, organized by region and restaurant type, has simply never been available with this level of detail before," Charles Gill, CEO of Winemetrics said.

"Winemetrics' Virtual Brand Manager is the essential on-premise wine brand report card for marketers, by marketers. For the first time, distributors are not selling in the dark. Market conditions and demand vary from region to region, state to state, and market to market. It's been impossible to get an accurate picture of on-premise brand performance using traditional systems. Now, with our Virtual Brand Manager, brand managers and marketers get a complete competitive picture, in an easy-to-read format that will help them identify distribution opportunities, and reach or exceed their brand goals," Gill said.

Winemetrics' Virtual Brand Manager includes data for over 13,000 brands from 10,500 restaurant wine lists nationwide. It delivers wine brand marketers in-depth insight into on-premise (outlets where wine is consumed, e.g., restaurants, hotels, clubs, etc.) brand performance in over 25 U.S. major metro markets. Users simply log on to their VBM account, select a brand (theirs or a competitor's), a market, and one (or all) of eight reports covering distribution rankings and competitive analysis; and click 'generate'.

Reports include: • Market Profile • Distribution by Restaurant Type • Producer Ranking Profile • Distribution by Bottle • Distribution by Glass • Quality History Analysis • Competitive Set of Top Three Products

For more information visit www.winemetrics.com

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