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Richard Hamilton new vintage and label release

Richard Hamilton has a lot to celebrate. To coincide with 170 years of winemaking and grapegrowing for the Hamilton family, they are delighted to present the latest vintages in the Richard Hamilton Range and also unveil their contemporary new look for the range in an official release.

Held on 2 November at Edinburgh Hotel in Mitcham (SA), guests will enjoy an exclusive tasting of the Richard Hamilton range prior to its release into the domestic and international markets.

Featuring the much anticipated 2006 Richard Hamilton reds, the range also includes their newest addition, the 2007 Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon and the gold medal winning 2007 Jette’s Viognier.

To correspond with the new vintage release, the contemporary new label will also be revealed. Designed by the award winning Martins Integrated Creative Communications, the label with its clean lines and eye catching RH logo is an energetic, chic representation of the vibrant and expressive Richard Hamilton portfolio.

For further information visit www.leconfieldwines.com

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