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SecureCellars opens new storage facility

SecureCellars wishes to announce the opening of its new state-of-the-art wine storage facility at Lochinvar in the lower Hunter close to major road links and markets of Sydney and Newcastle.

The facilities have been purpose designed and built by local winemaker, Peter Jorgensen and built with a capacity to hold its contents at a cell temperature of 13–14 degrees all year round. Relative humidity is maintained at a constant 70% while mains power is supported by an emergency backup service providing temperature and systems integrity during mains failure.

Within each storage cell a monitoring system records temperature and humidity. This is particularly useful for long term product aging, wine futures storage or provenance requirements.

Its principle activities involve commercial wine industry storage but they also provide flexible cellarage for private wine investors, enthusiasts and amateur wine collectors.

SecureCellars facilities are considered amongst the finest available, be it for short term storage or long term bottle aging. One advantage is that private boxed wine or individual racked wines can be stored in any combination in the same storage device.

SecureCellar advantages: • Owned and operated by winemakers • Two different storage climates • Low storage rates • Simplicity of use • No movement charges • Third party wine receival • Short or long term storage • Client access to stored wine only • Basic Insurance cover included • Wine is stored in a 100% secure environment

Access to stored wine is provided all week from 8am to 5pm (all public holidays excluded). An after hours service is also available by prior arrangement and only you or your representative can access your wine via your own locking device.

For further information visit www.securecellars.com.au

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