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Cream of the crop

The 2007 Victorian Wines Show will judge wines from Victorian winemakers representing all regions of the state and made from a wide range of grape varieties.

The diversity of wine style, white, rose, red and tawny, effervescent and still clearly defines the diversity of expertise in Victoria’s winemakers and their ability to make vastly different wines from the varying climates, aspects and soils around the state.

From the warmer regions to the north west, Mildura, Swan Hill across the North East, Rutherglen and to the alpine climes of the King Valley to the cooler Grampians, Mornington Peninsular and the Yarra Valley to the briskly fresh airs of Macedon Victoria represents probably the most diverse collection of wines in Australia.

The wines judged at the 2007 Victorian Wines Show may well be considered The Cream of the Crop.

A newly introduced class is for HSC school science and horticultural students to show their wines; there are about 50 schools involved in this education. The winners will win recognition and be able to select winery and laboratory equipment from one of the shows sponsors.

A leading panel of wine judges chaired by acclaimed Australian winemaker and international consultant Ian McKenzie will judge the Victorian Wines Show.

Judging begins on Tuesday 23 October with a Show Awards dinner on 26 October and concludes with an Exhibitors’ Tasting open to the public on Saturday 27 October.

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