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Forthcoming ASVO seminar to focus on logisitics, innovation and best practice

The importance of innovation in both wine production and the development of new products cannot be underestimated. This is vital to prevent a further erosion of margins and to maintain our competitive advantage. More lateral thinking is required as alternative technologies, often found in other industries, are introduced to replace or augment traditional winemaking techniques. Winemakers must work with packaging companies, suppliers, industry regulators and supply chain service providers to ensure streamlined and cost efficient production if we are to continue to compete in a global marketplace. The Strategic Directions Group (SDG), established in late 2004 and tasked to release a Prospectus every three years has identified a number of industry priorities for additional research and development. The first prospectus was released in late 2006 and of the 35 potential R&D opportunities under discussion, 11 high priority topics were identified. Under the broad supply chain category ‘Making our wine’ the topics of highest priority include:

• Monitoring and manipulating wine quality • Excellence in winemaking technology • Innovation in winemaking microbiology

If the industry is to continue its success story it must move now to consider other technologies that may be able to be adopted. This will require a heightened awareness and understanding of the technologies available. Given these priorities, and following on from the ASVO’s successful 2006 seminar ‘Maximising the Value’, the Society has responded both to the needs of our members and the wider wine industry to present a further seminar entitled ‘Towards best practice through innovation in winery processing’. The seminar will be held on Wednesday 17 October, from 9.30am – 4.30pm, in Tanunda, and is sponsored by ASVO corporate member Provisor. If you want to improve your winemaking and process efficiency you cannot afford to miss the ASVO’s seminar where presenters will speak on a variety of topics to help you identify achievable KPI’s and successfully apply new technologies The full program is available to view or download from the ASVO website, www.asvo.com.au and registrations are now open.

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