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Online entry system to enter wine show events has been launched

The innovative online entry facility helps wine show management vastly reduce the time consuming tasks associated with manually processing traditional entries that are filled in by hand and arrive by post.

Many shows now allow exhibitors to download an entry form from their website. The potential exhibitors print out the entry form and post it to you with either a cheque or credit card details attached.

When the completed paper entry form arrives at the show office it has to be processed manually. This can involve the time consuming tasks of data entry, credit card/cheque processing and posting out a receipt.

Unfortunately, when the entry forms are filled out by hand wine show organisers often receive illegible handwriting as well as incorrect payment details and incorrect or incomplete information.

One of the major benefits of utilising the Edentiti online entry system is that any wine show can provide an online facility without the hassle and expense of creating their own system. With the Edentiti online entry system all that is required is add a link to the web-based system to the wine show website.

Exhibitors can then complete the online entries form including making a payment, using a variety of payment options.

"If your organisation has a credit card facility we can integrate with that facility," Edentiti chief technical officer Kevin Cox said.

Other options include PayPal integration and direct transfer payments.

When exhibitors pay by credit card exhibitors receive an automated receipt as well as a summary of their entries by email.

By providing an online entry facility exhibitors can enter a wine show 24 hours a day, seven days a week without the need for additional staff.

To view a demo of the online entry system click on the following link.

IE Version www.getmail.com.au/design/wine/showdemo.html

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