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Helping Australian restaurants

Wine distribution success story Origin Wines has announced a growing need for restaurants and cafes to get support with their wine selections as well as storage, freight and delivery.

Origin Wines managing director Scott O’Hara said recognising this growing need and the opportunity to give small wine makers greater market opportunities saw the evolution of the wine wholesale and distribution business in 2006.

O’Hara said since its inception into the marketplace, Origin Wines had developed strong relationships with key suppliers, clients and business partners.

“We are strengthening relationships everyday with many of Australia’s restaurants and cafes through our dedication to keeping our focus on — premise support,” O’Hara said.

O’Hara said many clients reduced and limited their wine orders for fear they would be overstocked.

“Our automated systems allow our clients to receive a second delivery as required so that if someone has an unusually large trade on a Wednesday, for example, they will have enough stock to get through the weekend rush,” O’Hara said.

“We also provide a free storage facility so we can do staggered deliveries.

“In the past, large scale restaurants would traditionally have to deal directly with wineries or wholesalers to buy a volume that would achieve price break and by doing that the wine would actually be sitting on their floor, in the kitchen hallways, causing all sorts of OH&S issues, not to mention the impact fluctuating temperature has on the taste of wine,” he said.

O’Hara said while they not only kept wine in a climate controlled environment, Origin Wines streamlined distribution operations to ensure wines were delivered efficiently and were affordable.

Origin Wines, a national unlisted public company, offer a complete end to end package for clients; export, wholesale and freight forwarding of quality Australian wine product to the benefit of clients and partners.

Origin Wines also offers clients further support with the added option of buyers own brand or corporate branding which creates original bottle labels to promote a specific event, launch, function, restaurant, bar or even a special occasion like Christmas.

For more information visit www.originwines.com.au

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