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Water, friend or foe?

In May this year ASVO coordinated a series of drought response workshops at seven locations across three states. In lieu of a follow up series of smaller seminars, the focus of the Society’s annual viticulture seminar will be water – or more importantly, the lack thereof and the management of its impact on winegrape growing.

The first session will highlight water issues across Australia, including an overview presentation from the MDBC, a representative from a large corporate winery with national experience to talk about non-River Murray water issues for viticulture in WA, NSW, VIC and Tas and a look at issues of intertransferability of water supply, water recharge and re-use options and the swapping/sharing between different water sources within a single continuum while also looking at salinity and quality issues.

The day will then progress to a discussion on irrigation technology (impacts on root architecture of converting from sprinklers to drippers, distribution uniformity and scheduling) followed by presentations on the effect of irrigation on grape vine physiology (the impacts of the use of reclaimed water, salinity, rootstocks and sustained deficit irrigation).

The final session of the day is looking into the future using spatial technology to address vineyard variation and a closing presentation addressing sustainability issues and the management of the country’s water resources as conducted by the CSIRO under the Water for a Healthy Country Flagship.

The seminar will be held in Mildura and will also be available by videoconference in Margaret River, WA and Wodonga, Vic.

For more information and to register visit www.asvo.com.au/news/registration

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