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Palandri Wines celebrates a new life

Western Australia’s South West corner is witness to the hard work and determination of the thousands of immigrant settlers who searched for a new life in this spectacularly rugged and majestic piece of Australia.

Only the bold were courageous enough to wrestle with this land. They arrived in various waves from every corner of the globe, equipped with little more than a few shillings, boundless optimism and tenacity.

As a tribute to the hard working settlers and immigrants who discovered the riches and toils of this foreign land, Palandri has created ‘Vita Novus’ (Latin for New Life); three premium regional varietals from the renowned Margaret River and Great Southern regions.

Palandri Vita Novus features classic varietals including the 2004 Chardonnay, 2004 Shiraz and 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon, delivering the ‘true to fruit’ characteristic style WA has become famed for.

Commenting on the new range, which will retail between $22 — $25, Sarah Siddons, Chief Winemaker said, “we have taken a single-minded approach to quality in the Palandri Vita Novus series, which begins with premium fruit from hand-selected, low-yielding vineyards, to the use of oak from the leading regions of America and France, including Tronçais, Vosges and Allier. In Vita Novus we have aimed to reflect the true characters of both the Margaret River and Great Southern regions of WA and have created a fitting tribute to those early settlers.”

Gordon Grant, Managing Director of Palandri Wines, added, “The Palandri Vita Novus collection is an impressive example of classic regional varietals, stylishly packaged to deliver instant appeal far beyond their premium exterior. The Palandri Vita Novus series is a fine example of our dedication to quality and a tribute pioneering spirit of those who tamed this region.”

Vita Novus joins the Palandri family, which includes Baldivis Estate, the Palandri Classic varietals and the new Baldivis Estate Cheer Pack.

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