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The new wave of refractometers

From the groundbreaking use of the very powerful Microsoft Windows CE (R) Operating System to the distinctive 'wave' styling of their sturdy enclosures, the newly announced Abbe Max family of refractometers represents a bold New Wave in bench-top refractometers.

Combining the power of an Intel microprocessor with the Windows graphical user-interface and precision optics has produced one of the most powerful, yet easy-to-use, refractometers available. The striking design and the innovative features of the Abbe Max family illustrate MISCO’s pride in producing high-quality precision instrumentation. The unique MISCO Abbe Max family of refractometers is characterized by its power, precision, and performance.

"Absolute Precision" is precision for real-world testing and represents the actual precision a user will be able to duplicate in the field, not just theoretical precision obtainable under perfectly controlled laboratory conditions. The AMAX10 is the standard-precision model with absolute rock-solid precision of +/-0.0001 refractive index ("nD") between 1.3330 and 1.5800 nD, or +/-0.1 Brix precision between 0.0 and 100.0 Brix.

Precision in Abbe Max is assured by a tightly integrated set of solid-state thermoelectric compensation elements that automatically keep the temperature of the optics and sample at a constant user-defined temperature. This completely eliminates the need to connect the refractometer to an external water bath to maintain a set temperature. Independent temperature control of the light source insures that both the wavelength and the quality of light remain constant throughout the operating range of the instrument.

The sister instruments to the AMAX10 are the AMAX20 and AMAX 30, both of which comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, which makes them only one of a very few instruments able to be used in pharmaceutical applications.

Scientific Solutions are the Surface Science instrumentation specialists with a wealth of experience in supplying solutions for research and development and industrial measurement requirements.

Scientific Solutions represent Misco Refractometers, Instruments from Cleveland, Ohio, USA in Australia and New Zealand.

For more information visit www.scisol.com.au

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