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Oak Solutions Group to give expert advice and innovative product development

Oak alternatives have come a long way. Advances in science and technology have yielded many techniques that more effectively oak-age wines. World Cooperage has been there every step, backed by a complete research team that keeps the company at the forefront to winemaking. Today, the company announces it has taken the oak alternatives even further by forming Oak Solutions Group, completely separating the oak alternative product division and the wine barrel division.

Leading Oak Solutions Group is cooperage veteran, Ed Larmie, who has 20 years experience. “We will share our sensory science and provide expert advice in aging wine with a wide range of super premium oak products,” said Larmie.

Through this new division, Oak Solutions Group has introduced a new product line, ?vOAK. ?vOAK takes American-made oak products to the next level with creative technology and superior product development to produce value added flavor solutions. French-made products are currently in a pilot program with high-profile French winemaking consultants. These two new brands and products will provide winemakers a more comprehensive solution for high quality aging of their wines.

“Winemakers who are moving into high-tech methods can benefit from our sensory and analytical capabilities that are recognized worldwide,” stated Larmie.

The Oak Solutions Group staff is expanding with creative and analytical talent at winemakers’ disposal worldwide. Mark Roberts will serve the needs of Australian winemakers while specialists Sophie Mur and Paul Abbott will handle Europe and the United States respectively. A new associate is currently being hired for the South American market. Winemakers will benefit from continuity of service from experts who are already familiar with their wines as well as access to a broader range of products.

Oak Solutions Group will distribute the oak alternative product line, ?vOAK. ?vOAK’s forward thinking philosophy of “Flavour by design” is characterized by the launch of three high extract tank stave products: premium high vanilla, high spice and high toast staves.

“The company has developed a secret formula to unlock three stand out flavors — vanilla, spice and toast — in the wood,” said Larmie. “The concentrated, singular flavor profiles suit a specific need and are ideal for blending. With a quick extraction rate, these specialty, high extract oak products are ideal finishing products.”

Other forward thinking ?vOAK features include stay-fresh bags that preserve freshness and seal air out. Forty high extract staves of choice are placed in easy grip handled infusion bags, then placed in vacuum-sealed bags for fresh aromas and flavors, as well as extended shelf life.

The addition of the high extract tank stave products will complement the current portfolio that includes high vanilla chips and premium dark roasted chips. Complementary products include classic oak chips and powders, as well as high quality, profile toasted tank staves and barrel inserts.

More information can be found at oaksolutionsgroup.com or by emailing Mark Roberts at .

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