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McGuigan Simeon Wines to harvest data with Cognos 8 BI

McGuigan Simeon Wines is upgrading its business intelligence and performance management systems to Cognos 8 Business Intelligence (BI) enterprise-wide. Additionally, McGuigan purchased Cognos 8 Go! Mobile, a solution that will enable the senior management to access dashboard reports on their BlackBerries on the road at any point of time.

Founded in 1992, McGuigan Simeon Wines is one of Australia’s largest wine producer employing 800 staff. The company markets more than 50% of its harvest in the UK and the U.S. As part of its fundamental shift towards a market leading supply chain company, the wine producer decided on Cognos 8 BI to improve reporting on service Key performance indicators (KPI), profit margins, cost management, and Customer Price Index (CPI) data.

The new BI platform will visualise data from the company’s heterogeneous ERP and financial applications in a single, comprehensive representation of real-time business processes. The IT environment covers wine production, packaging, warehousing, logistics, export, management and marketing.

Cognos 8 BI delivers the most comprehensive set of BI capabilities available on a single, web-based services-orientated architecture (SOA). It provides decision makers at all enterprise levels with a consistent, accurate view of information to better manage performance.

Due to its full functionality, Cognos 8 BI reporting will reduce the complexity of the wine maker’s IT administration and relieve help desk support by giving more autonomy to end- and core users.

“At McGuigan, we understand that information is the key driver to success, especially when operating in international markets. That’s why the cultural change is just as important as the technology. Together with Cognos we’ll provide our people with comprehensive training so that they’ll fully understand and embrace the new capabilities in Cognos 8 BI,” said Ryan Klose, CIO, McGuigan Simeon Wines,

McGuigan will cut over to Cognos 8 BI step by step, starting with accounts receivables and the export department. Ryan Klose expects the implementation to be completed in October. Once the new BI platform is in place, the winemaker will start rolling out the Cognos 8 Go! Mobile to BlackBerry users in the enterprise. Selected senior executives will trial the mobile dashboard solution before mobile access to Cognos 8 BI will be extended to about 100 sales staff.

“In order to strengthen our international B-2-B relationships we are even considering inviting our business partners and suppliers to join our BI platform,” Klose added.

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