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July-August Wine Industry Journal scans the horizon for industry initiatives

In the just released July-August Wine Industry Journal David Clarke, the new president of the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia has some big plans to unfurl over the next 18 months. We welcome David as this issue’s opinion columnist to offer readers a glimpse into the objectives he wants to see met over his tenure.

Our focus on environmentally conscious winery refrigeration set-up heralds the beginning of a new approach to covering the topics that matter to Australian and New Zealand professional winemakers and winery engineers.

Called ‘Horizons’, in each issue we will take a forward-thinking approach to issues affecting the Australian wine industry and we welcome readers’ input to the topics that matter most to your business. Gary Baldwin, the Journal’s associate editor for oenology, and director of Wine Network, predicts the future of the winery refrigeration sector, considering the possibilities for minimising power use and seeking alternatives for environmentally damaging refrigerant gases.

The climate change colloquium at the 13th Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference, overseen by Richard Smart was well attended and demonstrated the harsh realities of the world’s wine and viticulture situation should we not adjust to the changing environment over the next few years. In this issue’s ‘Smart Thinking on Viticulture’ column, Richard suggests how the Australian wine industry can learn from European nations including Spain and Denmark, where he recently worked with new clients. The world’s wine-producing nations are going to have to be united to manage the 1–2°C increase in mean temperatures expected over the next 30–40 years.

Directly related to the discussion on climate change is the complex and widely debated concept of ‘food miles’, among other environmental themes infiltrating the minds of the world’s wine consumers. Jonathan Scott reports from his recent visit to the London International Wine and Spirit Fair and explains some of the ethical issues that may impact Australian wine sales over the medium to longer-term in the UK, a nation particularly focused on consumption of ethically produced goods.

Valmai Hankel writes about the oenological life of the late Cyril Henschke, one of Australia’s true wine industry pioneers and a man whose legacy continues with the family members and current staff of Henschke in the Barossa Valley.

Tawny is the focus of this issue’s Wine Style Report and was just the thing to warm up the tasting panel for a hearty discussion about the various styles presented. David Guimareans, chief winemaker for Taylor’s Port, based in Porto, Portugal, introduces the Report and highlights the different qualities of Australian Tawny and Port.

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