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Man’s best friend can be a beastly ‘winner’

A frightened starving dog caught in a steel trap — its razor sharp teeth poised! The graphic imagery has helped emerging Adelaide artist Meghann Jones take top honours at one of South Australia’s major annual awards for wine label designs. Her work, titled ‘Snare’, captured the imagination of judges to win the 2007 Starvedog Lane Magnum Design Award, announced last week at a function at the JamFactory, in Adelaide’s West End.

The winning wine label will adorn 198 bottles of this year’s Starvedog Lane Chapter Magnum — the 2004 Shiraz Viognier — selected as the best red wine of the vintage.

“I’m extremely honoured to win this award,” Jones said.

“This competition is a great challenge for JamFactory Associates, and this year’s entries are a range of intriguing and unique designs that really push the boundaries in terms of innovation,” she said.

“As the wine effectively already has a label, I looked to create a complementary accessory rather than an additional label and something that was also functional.”

“That’s where the ingenuity of this label lays — in the ability for its use as a wine stand.”

“It is a unique display piece for those who regard their wine collection in the same way a game hunter does his or her trophies, or simply a novel keepsake for those who don’t take wine too seriously”, she said.

Starvedog Lane Senior Global Brand Manager and judging panel member, Ms Sophie Richards, said the judges were unanimous in their choice of this year’s winner.

“We loved the ingenuity and simplicity of the design as well as the initiative to take this competition from a label design to wine stand concept,” she said.

”The design can be presented in three different ways — on the bottle, off the bottle sitting next to it — resembling a dog on a leash, or resting the magnum on it as a wine stand.”

“The bold concept uniquely suits the underground nature of the brand.”

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