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Winning wine label design inspired by iconic television series

Imagery immortalised in the 1970s iconic television series, Batman, is the inspiration behind artist Brendan Miller’s latest creation.

Drawing on the design of such captions as ‘Kapow’ and ‘Whack’ — used in the popular television show to emphasise fight scenes between Batman and many of his arch rivals including the Riddler and the Joker – Brendan created a wine label made entirely of glass.

The American artist’s innovative design has taken top honours in this year’s Starvedog Lane Chapter Magnum Design Award, announced last night at a function at JamFactory, in Adelaide’s west end.

“I used a lot of ideas and concepts as the springboard for the design,” said Brendan, 23, who wins $400, six bottles of the 2001 Starvedog Lane Shiraz, and a Chapter Magnum – complete with his design and name printed on the label.

“I wanted to capture the imagery of the Batman captions, as a bit of cartoon-type innovation. I also wanted to draw on the richness of the wine (Shiraz) inside the bottle for the colour of the label.

“And I wanted to use glass as the material for the label to exploit the unique quality that it has.”

The Awards were initiated four years ago to highlight the talents of JamFactory’s budding artists – and increase awareness of the wine brand.

Brendan, from Auburn, New York, and is working at JamFactory as part of a two-year Associate program.

His winning wine label will adorn 198 bottles of this year’s Starvedog Lane Chapter Magnum – the 2001 Shiraz — selected as the best red wine of the vintage.

The criteria for entering the Awards was that the bottle design must be unique and inventive, compliment and enhance the Starvedog Lane theme, be efficiently and effectively applicable on the Chapter Magnum bottles, and the cost per label not exceed $25 to apply.

JamFactory glass studio creative director, Matt Larwood, said, “Brendan’s design is an exciting and interesting interpretation of the Starvedog Lane theme.

“The wine brand has a deliberate larrikin element, a rough edge right down to the ripped-edged style of its labels,” he said.

“The judges believed Brendan’s design best captured the imagination of the Starvedog Lane concept – it was the most ‘out there’ creation.”

The annual awards are open to all first and second year associate students at JamFactory.

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