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Sweet Spotter helps winemakers in the filtration process

V.A Filtration is an international company that specialises in membrane technology for the wine industry has developed a small wine filtration machine named the Sweet Spotter. The Sweet Spotter offers many different services including:

Alcohol reduction Wine concentration V.A reduction Brett reduction Smoke taint removal PH adjustment

The greatest advantage about these Sweet Spotters is that they can do very small quantities, as small as 20 litres, and they are quick , quite , small, compact, and easy to use. The Sweet Spotters take all the guess work out for the winemakers as they will know exactly what they are going to get with the big machine before they start the filtration process. They are also invaluable for doing trial work and experiment work with as it is far easier, quicker and cost effective to do trial work with than with larger machines.

Another great service the Sweet Spotter can offer is to the small wineries. If they one or two barrels that have gone volatile or have a bit Brettanoyces and they are unable to blend away or blending will compromise the quality of the wine then they can use the small Sweet Spotter to remove the taint from the wine before blending. The wine filtration process can happen whilst the wine is still in barrel. It will make decision making for winemakers easy and help the smaller wineries to improve quality and reduce wine loss due to tainted wine.

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