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Clean and green theme offered at Adelaide uni

The University of Adelaide will soon be providing two new lectures on how to create and manage vineyards in a more environmentally conscious way.

University of Adelaide lecturer Cassandra Collins, who has been the driving force behind the new lectures, told Grapegrower & Winemaker there will be two, onehour lectures (one on organic and another on biodynamic viticulture) as well as relevant exam questions.

The lectures will be delivered this September to students participating in the Bachelor of Science (Viticulture) program as well as those working towards a Masters degree in Viticulture or Oenology.

In the future, Cassandra is hoping to add practical sessions to complement the lectures as well as a visit for students to a biodynamic property (to balance the visit to an organic vineyard that is already part of their curriculum).

Biological Farmers of Australia chairman of the Vignerons Committee Sam Statham says the move is a coming of age for the Australian wine industry.

“Our future viticulturists will now have the skills to reap the benefits of sustainability, regionality, authenticity and health that arise from working with, rather than against, the natural logic of organic farming systems,” Statham said.

Biodynamic Agriculture Australia chief executive officer Hamish Mackay has also welcomed the news.

“Biodynamics is spreading rapidly across the world, noticeably in the viticulture industry,” he said.

“Wine is one product where taste is integral to the art of production. “Biodynamic wines are being noticed by the consumer for quality and individuality.” Mackay says producers benefit from improved efficiency, competitive cost base and making a positive contribution to the environment.

“Increasing biodynamic production provides the scientific world with greater opportunity to examine these practices and develop science based reporting which can foster further development and interest,” he said.

“The introduction of biodynamics to young and enthusiastic viticulture students can only be of great benefit to Australian viticulture and the biodynamic movement globally.”

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