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Australian hoteliers welcome European wine sommelier

Australian restaurants and cafes are welcoming the arrival of well recognised wine sommelier Philippe Delpy, whose expertise and excellent food pairing experience has been highly sought by Europe’s best restaurants and top executive chefs.

Brisbane-based wine wholesaler Origin Wines, announced earlier this month Philippe will become the National Business Development Manager for premium wine sales, providing expert advice to restaurants and cafes on proper wine selection.

According to Origin Wines Managing Director Scott O’Hara, the appointment serves as a value added initiative to compliment the existing delivery and storage solutions currently available to Origin Wines clients.

“It is an unprecedented offering currently not offered by many wine wholesalers in the industry and proves our commitment to building relationships with our industry partners,” Scott said.

“Philippe has over 16 years experience working with some of Europe’s best restaurants and chefs, and will offer a great deal of value to the hospitality industry.

Scott said the arrival of Philippe to the team could not have been timed more perfectly as the company approaches a full portfolio of wine.

“We have recently sourced a further 4 wine producers making a total of 13 wine producers from Australia’s finest wine making regions,” Scott said.

“We have no intention of going beyond 15 wine producers to stay true to our growth plans and business goals,” he said.

In fact, it is their ongoing commitment to the industry and their wine producers, that initially sparked Philippe’s interest in working with Origin Wines.

"I have been fortunate enough to hone my craft as a wine sommelier by working with some of Europe’s most renowned chefs,” Philippe said.

“The staff and directors of Origin Wines share a similar passion and that is very exciting for the Australian market.

“I started in 2 smaller restaurants in France as a sommelier gaining a few solid years of experience before taking up a role at the 4 star, 18th century built, La Bastide St Antoine hotel working as the assistant sommelier for renowned chef Jacque Chibois.

“My next move was to London where I worked as an assistant sommelier for the famous Aubergine Restaurant which is owned by Gordan Ramsay.

“I learned so much from Gordon Ramsay due to his unrelenting style and passion for excellence,” he said.

Having witnessed his potential, London chef Philip Howard then offered Philippe a role as Assistant Sommelier at The Square Restaurant.

Looking to increase his knowledge of both fine wine and cuisine, Philippe accepted a position of Sommelier in the 3 Michelin star rated The Oak Room owned by Marco Pierre White.

“I then took a role with Gary Rhodes’ restaurant in London who was incredible; his dedication and pursuit of perfection in the culinary world was absolutely amazing.

“My pursuit for success and knowledge drew me to accept a new position as Head Sommelier with Floriana Restaurant in London a restaurant which provided one of the best Italian dining experiences,” he said.

The final move cemented Philippe’s position as a well recognised Sommelier with excellent food pairing experience.

Upon moving to Australia 5 years ago, Philippe began to appreciate the variances and superb quality of Australian wines.

He will be responsible for providing assistance to Origin Wines partnered restaurants and cafes to aid proper wine selection.

“The wealth of Philippe’s knowledge in wine and food pairing is invaluable to our client base,” Scott said.

“Unlike most companies, we believe in a personable approach to business and we want restaurants and cafes to be given access to reliable and professional advice on wine,” he said.

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