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New $15m state of the art contract wine bottling facility to open in McLaren Vale

John and Michael Torresan are about to commission their new environmentally friendly, state of the art, contract bottling facility on Martins Road, McLaren Vale, to service the needs of the world acclaimed region and further afield.

It will be the first fully automated bottling line and the first capable of bottling over 6000 bottles per hour in the region. The purpose built facility, due to commence bottling in July, features a brand new fully automated bottling line capable of bottling 1000 dozen wine an hour or 8000 cases per day and increased storage from 1,000 square metres to 3,000 square metres.

The official launch of the Torresan Estate McLaren Vale Winery and Contract Bottling Facility is likely to be at the end of August and will be followed by the move of the Torresan’s existing smaller bottling line from their Happy Valley Winery, which has been operating since 1984.

Managing Director of Torresans, Michael Torresan said, “Once completed and fully operational we would have spent $15 million to ensure we have the most up to date and environmentally friendly facility of its kind in South Australia. We are passionate as a family about providing great service to this region and our customers.

“I have a son, son in law and a daughter working in the business, whilst my brother John has two sons working here and another working in the wine industry here in McLaren Vale. Our family have been making wine for nearly 50 years, so we understand the needs and requirements of our customers.”

“Once both bottling lines are operational the Torresan’s McLaren Vale facility will bottle 12,000 cases of wine for customers per 8 hour shift and double that if we put on another shift.”

“We will have the flexibility to continue to look after small volume super premium or complex bottling runs, which often require manual work, as well as high volume large runs, all at a good value price. The automation will require all our operators to be fully trained with a high level of expertise.”

The Martins Road facility has been approved by the Environment, Resources and Development Court of South Australia and will feature extensive beautification and tree planting, three 47,000 litre tanks to capture rain water off the roof, which will be recycled to water the landscaping and the adjoining vineyard, and the recycling of water used for cleaning and bottling.

The Torresan family are very committed to sound environmental practises and the McLaren Vale region. As a result they are using biodegradable detergents and oils, eliminating the use of water for sterilising bottles by using a blast of sterile air, at the same time drastically reducing the total amount of water used.

The Torresans, who started making and bottling wine at their Happy Valley winery set up by parents Gino and Flora in 1958, have grown from three bottling customers in 1992 to now have over 250 customers. The development of the McLaren Vale facility is to meet the demand of their customers such as ARH Australia, Paringa, Kangarilla Road, Gemtree, Dog Ridge, Hugh Hamilton, Kay Brothers, Wicks Estate, Riposte – Tim Knappstein, Kay’s, Pirramimma, Oliver’s Taranga and Five Geese.

The new Torresan bottling facility will include a fully equipped and accredited laboratory, online access for customers and container loading as well as HACCP accreditation.

Jock Harvey, Chairman of the McLaren Vale Grape, Wine and Tourism Association said, “This is a great new facility for the region which is experiencing solid growth. The Torresan family have been winemakers in the region for nearly 50 years and servicing the region’s bottling requirements since 1992. It fits in with the character of the region being family owned and operated as well as the area’s aim to maintain its fast growing reputation as a vibrant, dynamic, green wine region and tourism destination.”

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