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New wine tasting event to premiere in Sydney

With a theme of 'Australia’s cutting edge of trends and styles', the first of a new series of premium wine tasting events will be held in Sydney from August 22–24, 2007.

Wine Focus Australia has been developed by wine event specialists Leone Davy and Linas Zalk, to provide high-end consumers and wine professionals with themed tastings of premium quality Australian wines.

The aim of the 'Wine Focus Australia' tastings is to promote the quality and individuality of Australia’s best winemakers, with the first event featuring the extraordinary variety of wines from around Australia. Over 300 premium wines will be on show, and the Wine Focus Australia team are confident that consumers and trade tasters will truly appreciate that Australia’s wine industry is really delivering at the quality end of the market spectrum.

The 'Wine Focus Australia' will feature the wines of many of Australia’s best winemakers, with tastings from individual wineries as well as masterclass tastings across varietal and style themes, for consumer and trade tasters.

Wine Focus Australia Sydney 2007 will be the first Australian wine event to serve all wines exclusively in Riedel glasses — all wine tasters will be given a Riedel glass for all tastings.

For more information visit http://www.winefocusaustralia.com.au

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